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Landscaped yard with artificial pond

Landscape Remodeling: Transform Your Yard Into a Vacation Spot

The Government of Canada provides federally regulated employees with an annual vacation of at least two weeks, as long as they completed a year of employment with the company. It increases to three weeks after working for the same employer after six consecutive years. Canadian workers, however, spend more time in the office to compensate

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livestock farm

Starting Your Livestock Farming Business: The Dos

Starting a livestock farming business can be an exciting venture, especially if you are passionate about keeping livestock. You’ll get to enjoy tending after your animals while earning from the venture. To get a good income from your livestock farming business, you need to ensure that the livestock is kept well and the business part

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bees pollinating flowers

Where Are the Bees?

For many people, Utah earned the nickname the Beehive State because of its hardworking and young workforce. It, however, may have a different meaning. Utah, it turns out, has one of the most diverse bee populations in the country. About 900 species thrive in the state, according to a Utah State University study. It means

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wooden fence

Different Fencing Types and How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

Fences are an important part of your property. It offers protection against wild animals and potential burglars. It also provides safety for house pets and small children. At the same time, it enhances your property’s aesthetic value. In other words, having a fence installed can provide a sense of security and privacy for your home.

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energy bill

The Heat Is On: Keep Your Electricity Bill Chill this Summer

The warmer times of the year has started, so you should expect the temperature to get hotter in the coming months. To counter the heat, you might be tempted to keep your AC on day and night — but that leads to higher energy bills, especially if your cooling system is inefficient. As early as

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beautiful lawn

5 Ways to Have a Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn is something that almost every homeowner wants to have. The average residential lawn in the United States measures 10,871 square feet, which is why these lawns should look magnificent. The fortunate thing is small changes can have radical effects on how the lawn looks. Below are five things that can help you

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rock garden

Amazing Rock Gardening Ideas You Need to Know About

Gravel may seem like nothing to you. It is just a bunch of water-worn or pounded stones, right? Wrong. Gravel is very versatile and has many uses. It can be a mulch substitute. It can also be for patio bases, walkways, driveways, and landscaping. It is also useful when it comes to drainage and erosion

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Dog sleeping in the living room

4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy

A puppy may be all cuddly and loving, but its proper upbringing until it is fully independent depends on the initial effort that is put into preparing your home. They come with added responsibilities, which you must fulfill if you are to both live a fulfilling life. Below are some adjustments you need to make

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Cracks on the wall

What are the Causes of Foundation Movement?

Once you see cracks on your floors or walls, your house might be starting to encounter problems in its foundation. When this happens, you should not wait until it causes further damage to your home. Rather than fixing the damage with a DIY-solution, it is best to get in touch with a basement foundation contractor

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Greenhouse Design: Maximizing Technology and Use of Space

Greenhouse Design: Maximizing Technology and Use of Space

Greenhouses are often used for growing plants during colder months and improving crop quality and yield amount. Industries rely on technology to control environmental conditions and ensure they remain at an optimal level. Prospective greenhouse owners should explore the available greenhouse kits on sale to get started designing a crop production space that incorporates advanced

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