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Addressing Common Behavioral Issues in Your Pup

As pet owners, you only want the best for your dog. But some of your dog’s habits may be difficult to diagnose and manage. Behavioral issues in your dog aren’t just an inconvenience for the others around him, but also usually a sign of an underlying problem. Such problems can be addressed with proper training,

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A Guide to Using and Growing a Eucalyptus Plant in Your Home

Many easily and readily recognize the scent of eucalyptus. Some describe this minty aroma as a relaxing forest scent with hints of honey. If this refreshing and menthol-like fragrance is something that you want in your house, you can grow a eucalyptus plant in your home. What is a Eucalyptus Plant? Eucalyptus (scientific name Eucalyptus

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pizza garden creation

A Guide to Growing a Pizza Garden in Your Backyard

One of the most popular foods on the planet is pizza. An article from Bake Magazine revealed that 98 percent of Americans eat pizza. What’s more, 54 percent said that they love pizza. Ordering pizza regularly at your favorite restaurant or pizzeria, however, can get expensive. If you want to save money but still want

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Lifestyle Guide: Growing and Cooking with Cherry Tomatoes

One of the most versatile ingredients out there is the tomato. This food takes on various forms. You see the amazing tomato plant as a seasoned and tasty sauce, little red “gems” on a salad or a condiment in the form of ketchup. A delicious variety of this plant is the cherry tomato. This delightfully

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indoor plants

The Best Tips for Growing and Caring for Hanging Plants

Hanging or ‘air’ plants add a unique and awe-inspiring design element to any room or porch, drawing everyone’s eyes up and showcasing the plant’s beauty. Essentially, growing hanging plants is the same as one in a grounded pot — it just needs more attention, care, and effort. Before planning an ambitious project of growing and

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doing house chores

Household Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget Because of COVID-19

Some things get relegated to the back burner when there are bigger problems. With the continued fight against the coronavirus, it can feel like there isn’t any room to sweat the small stuff since there are so many adjustments that have to be done. However, all of the stress these times have built up and

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cat in the garden

How to Get Rid of Stray Cats in Your Yard Permanently

For many homeowners, stray cats can be a problem. They can destroy your plants and ruin your beautiful lawn by sleeping in your pots, scratching, or playing with fellow stray cats. They’re carnivores, so their feces have certain parasites and pathogens that can make home-grown plants harmful to eat. And when they’re fighting or in

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drone shot of houses

Why Should You Want Trees in Your Yard?

Will you look at the things around you? What do you notice? In your home, you have a television set in every corner. There’s a sofa, a bed, a kitchen countertop, a large freezer, and a treadmill in the corner. Every area of your home is littered with things that mean something to you. How

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If Tomato Is a Fruit, Is Ketchup a Tomato Smoothie?

The other day, I came across this funny meme: I just laughed it off, but a few of my friends seriously considered this meme. After all, tomatoes are a fruit (apparently so many people search this that if you try Googling “is tomato a fruit,” Google will personally answer your question), ketchup is just a

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Landscaped yard with artificial pond

Landscape Remodeling: Transform Your Yard Into a Vacation Spot

The Government of Canada provides federally regulated employees with an annual vacation of at least two weeks, as long as they completed a year of employment with the company. It increases to three weeks after working for the same employer after six consecutive years. Canadian workers, however, spend more time in the office to compensate

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