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Enjoy Beach Vibes at Home with the String of Dolphins Plant

 If you want to add some beach vibes to your home, the plants that you have should do the trick — particularly if you add the succulent called ‘string of dolphins.’ A hybrid of the candle plant (Senecio articulates) and the string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), the string of dolphins (Senecio peregrinus) is an adorable

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Garden Care For Beginners: Home Improvement

Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby that can yield beautiful results. However, to keep your garden looking its best, it is crucial to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks. Neglecting these tasks can lead to an overgrown and unruly garden, which can be both unsightly and risky. If you are new to gardening,

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woman hugging and kissing her dog

Rowdy Pets? Here Are Five Ways to Take Care of Them

Pets are starting to be accepted in almost every household. It makes sense because they bring a lot of joy and happiness to any family. Furthermore, they also contribute a lot regarding safety and security. Therefore, they can be trained to protect their human family from potential danger. Pets can quickly become a part of

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The Best Weed Killer in Town: A Guide for Homeowners

Not everyone is lucky to have their own yard or lawn. Or even an outdoor garden. And while having a gorgeous outdoor space is the ultimate dream for any homeowner, they come with some trouble: weeds. Weeds are invasive plants that can overrun your garden, hoard nutrients and be harmful to you and your family.

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Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome? A Primer for Pet Owners

When it comes to health issues, there are many overlaps between humans and dogs. Both you and your furbaby can struggle with anxiety, diabetes, cancer and seizure disorders. But what about genetic disorders like Down syndrome? Is there such a thing as a Down syndrome dog? Down syndrome is a common disorder in humans. In

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Adopting a Shelter Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Adopt, don’t shop — this is the call of most adoption places and animal shelters for people who are looking for new pets. Instead of buying new breeds from pet stores, we are encouraged to adopt animals looking for their forever homes, which is always a worthy cause. Shelters house stray cats and dogs in

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Common Cat Diseases: A Guide for Owners

Cats are fiercely independent creatures. They can also be mysterious sometimes. As a result, it can be difficult for furparents to tell the difference between a healthy and happy cat and a sick cat. That’s why it’s important for cat owners to understand the signs and symptoms of common cat diseases, such as intestinal parasites,

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Handling Common Problems that Come with Pet Ownership

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. But along with the joys come some common problems that often require a bit of extra effort to handle. This article will explore some of the most common issues pet owners face and provide tips on how to best deal with them.

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marble queen pothos

The Marble Queen Pothos: How to Care for this Queen of a Plant

 If you are looking for a houseplant that breaks the monotony of your home and is easy to care for, consider the marble queen pothos. This pothos variety (Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’) is known for its foliage, which has cream and white variegation. Similar to other pothos types, the marble queen pothos can thrive indoors

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Orange Cat on Woman's Lap

Vet Visits 101: How Often Should You Take Your Cat to the Vet?

Cat parents are always busy taking care of their furbaby’s health and wellbeing. To ensure their cat is always healthy, they buy the best foods, choose the best litter box and buy as many interactive toys as they can afford. On top of these, there’s a conversation concerning your cat’s health and trips to the

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