Family during Christmas

Starting a Christmas Tradition For Some Fun Holiday Season

Christmas is the time for family. But this can a confusing time when you are a new one. Whether it is because you are a blended family or you a young couple who recently married, spending Christmas with only each other can be a new thing. If you want to make things a bit better

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working mom

How Working Moms Can Make Mornings Easier

For many working moms, mornings can be so draining that they feel relieved when they get to work. While it’s true that getting yourself and your kids ready in the morning can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a daily battle that leaves you exhausted even before you arrive at your workplace. If you constantly

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old man sleeping

Sleeping and Aging: Why Seniors Often Do Not Get Enough Shuteye

Sleeplessness sometimes goes hand in hand with aging. As people grow older, the need to get adequate amounts of sleep increases but their ability to fall asleep or stay asleep for the recommended duration decreases. Older adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night, just like young people. The belief that they can

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mother working from home

The Secrets of a Happy and Fulfilled Mother

We have all been in that situation. The house is a mess. The children are more hyper than usual. Your laundry is piling up. And who is on the other end of that annoying, ringing phone? On top of that, you completely forgot an ingredient for today’s lunch. Everyone knows it. Motherhood is a tough

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mother and daughter

The Road to Becoming a Supermom

When you’re a mother, you basically have two careers: one, that pursuit at work; two, being a household manager and impromptu administrator of the family. Despite that, a lot of women still want to rise above expectations. They want to become supermoms. But it’s more than challenging. However, being a supermom has many definitions, and

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young entrepreneur

The Race to Adulthood: 4 Obstacles to Overcome

Growing up is a challenging feat that every kid feels excited about to achieve. However, they will fail to anticipate the stress and pressure that comes with it. During their teens, they will start to accept more responsibilities and tasks that can feel overwhelming. Without knowing it, you might find that your schedule is busy

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Tea Towel: What You Need to Know About This Handy Cloth

Stainless steel chef’s knives. Cutting boards. Cast-iron or frying pans. You’ll find these tools in nearly every kitchen. Homeowners use these traditional kitchen workhorses constantly to prep ingredients and whip up a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner for the entire family. One kitchen workhorse, however, is underrated but incredibly important. It keeps the kitchen clean

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sustainability concept

The Millennial Mom’s Guide to Sustainability at Home

Whether we care to admit it or not, the environment and society are rapidly changing, so there are a ton of adjustments that need to be made to not only adapt to this shift but to make sure that we are ahead of the curve. It’s a crucial step that today’s parents have to make

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