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What It’s Like to Be a Single Working Mom during the Pandemic

Imagine working from home under a micromanager during the pandemic. Now, add kids to the mix. And don’t forget that in this scenario, you’re a single mom. The schools and daycare facilities are closed. As much as the babysitter or your sister wants to come to help, they can’t do so due to stay-at-home orders.

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Transforming Your Basement Into a Cozy and Functional Dwelling Space

Today’s basements are no longer just used for long-term food storage, which was the original purpose of the underground space. Though there may still be some homeowners who keep their liquors in their basements, chances are they’re also finding an additional purpose for the space other than being a wine cellar. And true enough, living

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4 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy as You Age

It’s essential to stay healthy and take care of your body, whether you’re in your twenties or your mid-eighties. But as you get older, simple conditions that you could’ve slept off in your younger years become more dangerous. Something as trivial as the flu or the common cold can progress into something worse like pneumonia

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3 Iconic Women in Movies

Women are amazing. We know that for a fact. Take a look at mothers, for example. They carry a baby in their wombs for nine months and then endure labor pains. For the next several years, they have to handle child-rearing while managing to keep a life of their own. It’s a lifelong, 24/7 job,

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How a Negative Body Image Affects Mental Health

Understanding body image, its causes, and its effect allows us to understand behaviors that are often associated with our self-esteem and body image. Sometimes, cases of mental health problems are results of negative body image such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa. We may not be discussing the most effective treatment options for bulimia nervosa, but

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Common Reasons Why Snow Accidents Happen

In the U.S., more than 70% of the nation’s roads are situated in regions that are exposed to snow, and around 70% of the country’s population is living in these snow regions. Those roads are receiving an average of 5 inches or 13 cm of snowfall every year. Due to the presence of ice and

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The Rewards of Good Sleep

Do you feel sleepy during the day? Well, you are not alone. Studies show that up to 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. There are many reasons for this. But have you ever wondered whether your sleeping problem is a result of your mattress? Up to 92% of people believe that

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Becoming A Brand New Person: Things You Should Consider

Maybe you’ve had it with how your life is going. Perhaps you’re bored with how everything is going, or you simply want to feel rejuvenated. You could also be feeling stuck and maybe want to switch careers, or you’re in a dead-end relationship or you just want a new beginning, a new life, a new

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