mom and child

Moms Need Time for Themselves, Too

Let’s get this straight: It is perfectly okay to make yourself a priority , especially if you’re a new mom. Stop the notion that your life should stop and revolve around your child when you’re a mom. Your life and sanity are equally as precious as the lives of your child and your partner. Still

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people in airport

5 Airports that Are as Good as Your Target Destinations

Airports are not always associated with happy memories. Delayed flights, emotionally charged goodbyes, and occasionally mediocre and overpriced food haunt traveler’s memories from time to time. Fortunately, not all airports are drab, dry, and boring to hang out in. There are stunning architectures in airport design that can make it every bit as compelling and

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Weird Food Combinations That Actually Work

Do you have any favorite food combinations that others might find weird? Chances are, though, that someone out there shares the same tastes as you do. For me, it’s fruits and salt. It’s a combination I got from my mom, so I always thought other people ate apples, pears, oranges, and other fruits with some

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A Brief Look at Condiments from Around the World

Condiments are one of the greatest inventions of the culinary world, thanks to their power to elevate a dish from great, to heavenly. Here’s a list of some of the best condiments that people use from all around the world. Which one is your favorite? Ketchup One of the most beloved condiments in the world,

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How To Brown: Getting Browns from Other Colors

One of the most versatile, albeit underappreciated colors in the spectrum, finding the right shade of brown can be pretty difficult for painters, which is why most people opt to create their own unique shade of brown instead. But how do you get the color brown? As we’ll show below, there are two effective methods

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4 Journaling Essentials That We’re Currently Obsessed With

We started journaling a year ago, and since the beginning of it, we were on the lookout for the best products to use for this new hobby. We longed to create with our hands and practice our handwriting, so the search for the right tools began. Coloring and Painting Tools We wanted to create more

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Dinner Tonight: Making Plans with Your Friends

As adults, you know too well that life happens, and everybody is busy. But that should not always keep you from coming up with friends. You should make an effort to stay closer to them. And the same rule should also apply to them. Going on friend dates will surely help in making your relationship

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Woman having a haircut

Making the Cut: How to Find the Right Haircut for You

One of the best and simplest ways to give yourself a new look is by getting a haircut. However, you’ve probably experienced going home from the salon disappointed with the new do you just got. Weeks felt like years while you waited for your hair to grow out, too. Because a haircut drastically changes the

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bull riding

Essential Gear for Bull Riding

Some people assume that bull riding for eight seconds is an easy thing and thus see no need for all the equipment most cowboys have. Bulls are nonetheless born to buck and will, therefore, take immense joy in unseating even confident cowboys. Bull riders are thus highly-trained athletes who will spend ages honing their skills

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Waxing of the armpit

Preventing Bumps and Ingrown from Waxing

Getting bumps right after getting waxed is normal. You are forcefully removing hair from its follicles, which causes stress and friction on and around the skin. Most people that get Brazilian wax or any type of waxing done on their bodies usually develop bumps or even ingrown hairs right after the procedure. Luckily, you can

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