small crab by the beach

The All-You-Can-Eat Soft-Shell Crab: Recipes, Preparation and More

The idea of eating an entire crab seemed laughable. Most foodies are used to consuming crab minus the shell. It’s all about the meat inside, after all. But with the soft-shell crab, it’s an entirely different story. For its legions of devoted fans, soft-shell crabs are the epitome of bliss when it comes to seafood.

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woman working remotely

Living in the Time of COVID-19: Having Fun Under the Lockdown

This pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate things and see the bigger picture. People who lost their jobs found that they can do something else that helps them become more productive. At the same time, other people found that they can be more creative while at home. There are a lot of things people discovered

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empty attic room

Three Plans for When You Finally Become an Empty Nester

When people become parents, it can seem like the next two decades of their lives will be set because they’ll have to take care of their kids. That duration can also become even longer depending on the number of children they have. But once these kids leave the nest, the next phase of their life

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mom and daughter

The Empty Nest: Saying Goodbye to Your Children

Being a parent is a lifelong challenge. Somehow, no matter how old our parents get, they still have this urge to treat their kids like the infants they once were. Parenthood is never easy. And once you become a parent, you are bound by your parental responsibilities for the rest of your life. Parents have

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piggy bank with calculator and coins

4 Investments You Can Make to Gain Passive Income

Your lifestyle often depends on the income you make. The money you receive from work will control your budget and your spending habits. However, not everyone will be able to enjoy their lives on limited financial capabilities. You need to find a way to add more to your budget, which means that you need passive

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Holding a black fidget spinner

Fidget Toys: Harmless Fun or Bad Distraction?

We’ve all seen fidget toys, those tiny things that kids hold between two fingertips and spin around, or little cubes that have various buttons and switches that do nothing. Pretty harmless fun and distraction, and when they first came out back in 2017, it was one of the biggest cultural trends of that year. In

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cherry garcia

Enjoy This Easy Cherry Garcia Fudge Recipe at Home

It shouldn’t even be up for debate: Cherry Garcia has to be the BEST Ben & Jerry’s flavor there is. Period. Hands down. No exceptions. Well, maybe the Chocolate Cherry Garcia. While everyone’s busy raving about Chunky Monkey or Half-baked –both being worthy contenders, however –everyone seems to be sleeping on the flavor that practically

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Brooklinen: The Cadillac of Bed Sheets

Here’s the thing about bed linens: the older you get, the more important they become. Think about the time when you were in college, did you honestly care what kind of bed linens you had? Beds are just for sleeping and, well, sex, so why do I need to invest in a good set of

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