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Man installing solar panels

Solar Homes are Multiplying in Utah — For Various Reasons

Utah ranks 9th in the nation when it comes to solar power generation — and 5th in residential solar installations. Solar panels in Salt Lake City are becoming even more popular as the local government is planning more programs to encourage residents to install them. In fact, an entire community in Herriman will be wholly

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Master bedroom

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom: Key Ideas to Consider

The living room has been upgraded and fitted with a modern fireplace, just in time for the next winter in Salt Lake City. Will you still be on budget for your next project to upgrade the master’s bedroom? The national average spending in America for a master’s bedroom remodel is about $7,900. And that’s for

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opening fridge

Prolonging the Life of Your Refrigerated Foods

Food wastage is becoming a serious epidemic. The US alone throwing nearly 40 percent of its food yearly. That adds up to approximately $160 billion wasted, and when you take into consideration that many households do not have enough to it, it becomes worse. Advising people to buy only what they can consume, or tell

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home expansions

Home Expansion: How to Add Space to Your Property

The saying may not be correct all the time, but the sentiment ‘bigger is better’ is often true for space in residential properties. In particular, the single-family home, where the size of the family, and needs of the household, means an increasing need for space to accommodate people and possessions. Unfortunately, large, open floor space

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man scraping paint off the wall

The Hard Truth: Even a Fixer-upper Is Difficult to Buy

In Utah, fixer-uppers spent less time on the market. These properties tend to get sold fast since they are hot in the eyes of investors who buy “as is” condition, pay cash, and close quickly with intent to flip and resell. However, fixer-uppers are likewise attractive to buyers who want to take their shot at

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family watching television

Simple Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

People are consuming more power every day. At the height of summer, power supplies become low because most households spend so much energy trying to cool their homes. They also waste a lot of energy by leaving appliances plugged, running, or not checking how well their houses are insulated. These tips will help you lower

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Modern building surrounded by trees

What You Need to Know About Building Commissioning

All equipment and tools should be tested, so it will be safe for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. Likewise, these should be compliant according to the standards. The same applies when constructing a building, regardless of the purpose. For one thing, constructing a building can be more complicated given that there are electrical, mechanical, and

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moving in a new apartment

How to Start Your Life in a New City

When you stay where you are, your life is going to stagnate. If you feel that you aren’t improving or getting what you want from where you are right now, then maybe moving to a new city and starting a new life is what you need. This is a big move, and there is a

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installing a hinge

Types of Hinges for Gates

There are two primary metal products used in the construction sector. These include rough and finish hardware. Rough hardware comprises the elements that should be concealed, such as screws, nails, spikes, and bolts. Finish hardware, on the other hand, includes the features in your construction that serve as decorative and functional components like the latches,

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