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Greener Concepts: Promoting Environmental Awareness in Your Own Home

You hear these words all the time: global warming, pollution, and scarce resources. All of these are just some of the problems the world is facing right now. The environmental effects of human activities are focused on more than ever as major news reporters can easily gather data. Of course, you don’t need to be

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Tips for Creating a Profitable Patio Space for Your Restaurant

Your love for cooking and having the best equipment does not guarantee profits in the restaurant business nowadays. Go the extra mile to ensure you attract the highest number of well-paying clients. Most people are now looking for an outdoor dining experience. You can have this in your restaurant with a patio dining area. This

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Which Wood Screw is Right for the Job?

Wood remains one of the leading construction materials. Regardless of the main material you choose for your building, it will still probably have an element or two that are made of wood. For instance, you will need to use different planks. And fastening these panels often involves the use of a mechanical fastener. Mechanical woodworking

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home design concept

Six Keys to Designing a Modern Interior for Your Home

You’ve heard of it before, and probably seen countless examples on magazines and interior design blogs, but when you want to go about creating a modern interior design for your home, what are the key elements? Do you have to buy everything at IKEA and clear out your old stuff? Or is there something else

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Man installing solar panels

Solar Homes are Multiplying in Utah — For Various Reasons

Utah ranks 9th in the nation when it comes to solar power generation — and 5th in residential solar installations. Solar panels in Salt Lake City are becoming even more popular as the local government is planning more programs to encourage residents to install them. In fact, an entire community in Herriman will be wholly

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Master bedroom

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom: Key Ideas to Consider

The living room has been upgraded and fitted with a modern fireplace, just in time for the next winter in Salt Lake City. Will you still be on budget for your next project to upgrade the master’s bedroom? The national average spending in America for a master’s bedroom remodel is about $7,900. And that’s for

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opening fridge

Prolonging the Life of Your Refrigerated Foods

Food wastage is becoming a serious epidemic. The US alone throwing nearly 40 percent of its food yearly. That adds up to approximately $160 billion wasted, and when you take into consideration that many households do not have enough to it, it becomes worse. Advising people to buy only what they can consume, or tell

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home expansions

Home Expansion: How to Add Space to Your Property

The saying may not be correct all the time, but the sentiment ‘bigger is better’ is often true for space in residential properties. In particular, the single-family home, where the size of the family, and needs of the household, means an increasing need for space to accommodate people and possessions. Unfortunately, large, open floor space

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man scraping paint off the wall

The Hard Truth: Even a Fixer-upper Is Difficult to Buy

In Utah, fixer-uppers spent less time on the market. These properties tend to get sold fast since they are hot in the eyes of investors who buy “as is” condition, pay cash, and close quickly with intent to flip and resell. However, fixer-uppers are likewise attractive to buyers who want to take their shot at

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