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Make Your Home a Zen Haven with These 8 Quick Improvements

The popular Zen design concept traces its roots to Zen Buddhism, which started in China and eventually spread to Korea and Japan, where the very first Zen structures still survive to this day. The Kokedera (also known as Saihoji) or Moss Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a fine example of Zen-inspired landscaping. Zen

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house owner

Is There a Right Time to Buy a House?

Getting onto the housing market in the modern-day appears to be more stressful and expensive than it used to be. With the rising prices of college and rent, millennials are not buying homes like the previous generations. But if you think buying your own home seems out of reach, there are things that you may

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happy kid

Practical Ways to Get Your Children Do Chores

Chores. This single word is something that most adults are not excited about. You can only imagine how children perceive this activity. That is why it is essential to teach them while they are young. With proper guidance, children can embrace chores as part of responsible living. Here are some practical strategies to try. Equip

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yard area

How to Make Your Backyard More Functional

It may not seem like it, but the backyard is often the most neglected part of the home. Homeowners regularly drop thousands of dollars to renovate kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, and no one bats an eye. But we’re less likely to be as generous towards investing in a new garden or a shed. Backyards

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Apartment Dwelling: How Much Freedom for Modification

One of the best things about living on your own is the earned freedom of doing anything you want with your space. But what if the space you have doesn’t give you enough wiggle room to modify it? This is a common problem among people who choose to dwell in apartments. They may be living

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Cream of Your Crop: How to Properly Protect Homegrown Crops

Growing a neat little garden can be very rewarding. It is especially true if you put in a lot of time to make it sprout. Nothing feels better than eating your first ever harvest. From broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes, to carrots, potatoes, and onions, you can grow anything on well-tilled earth. Aside from being an

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mother fixing air conditioning unit

Home Repairs and Remedies Every Mother Should Know

It goes without saying that being a mother is hard work. It already feels like we have to make a never-ending list of tasks every day, engage our curious and active kids, and help our partner around the house. So when something in our home needs immediate repair and restoring, it feels like we don’t

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home planning

Home Improvement Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

When you buy a home, the chances are that it has the best features. However, over time, it might develop structural issues that might lower its value. Therefore, you need to undertake home improvement projects that will increase its value. Home improvements come in handy when you want to sell your home because even potential

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home improvement

The Simplest House Upgrades with Results that Are Worth It

Most homeowners frown upon the idea of upgrading their homes because some may deem it unnecessary and hurtful for their wallets. However, certain upgrades are worth it, especially when the house’s structure starts to wane in terms of looks and function. Upgrades are also risky, so it’s important to choose them wisely. And most homeowners

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man and woman relaxing on the couch

Bringing Life to a Home: A Few Things to Add to Your Property

The home needs to become a comfortable place for you and your family. All of your household chores and maintenance tasks will aim to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to settle and rest after a long day at work. However, it is not the only quality you should try to maintain

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