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Remodeling Designs for a Safer Home

Homes are generally safe for everyone, but it does not mean they are free from risks. In fact, statistics say that 25 million people suffer from home injuries per year. In-home injury deaths of children are also reported to be 12 million per year while in-home injuries for seniors due to falls are reported to

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Your Low-cost Hobby: Building the Affordable Cabin

With the current situation, people cannot go out of their homes to take in the great outdoors. Most might be waiting on the current situation, preferring to create their own vacations by doing things they usually do on a trip while sheltering at home. There are a lot of things that you can’t do at

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gutter cleaning

Spring Cleaning: What Needs to be Done

These days, our lives have been contained at home. We work remotely, study online, and work out in limited spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us indoors for so long that we need to prioritize making our surroundings comfortable and safe for our families. Keeping residential spaces safe is important, especially in those that have high

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Home Warranty Basics: Are Home Warranties Worth It?

As the current global crisis forces people to physically distance themselves from others, everyone is spending more time at their homes. While it has given us more time for relaxation, spending more time in our living spaces can put a strain on our home appliances and systems. Breakdowns are more common because of frequent wear

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Benefits of Maintaining a Garden at Home

One of the initial effects of the lockdowns during the pandemic was the food shortages due to the disruptions in the food supply chain. The scarcity of food items in the groceries compelled people to buy spades, rakes, and seeds to start gardens in their homes. Many made small gardens using the limited plots of

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Top Home Maintenance Tips

We all want our homes to be as beautiful and long-lasting as they can be. After all, we don’t spend large amounts of money on a residential property to have to replace it after a few years or spend enormous amounts of cash on preventable repairs. The best way to make sure this happens is

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How Gardening Can Be a Part of a Self-care Routine

Scientific research shows that gardening can be a form of therapy for a wide variety of problems. Horticultural therapy is being used in residential programs for people with a history of substance abuse. It can also be useful to those transitioning to life outside after coming from addiction recovery centers. If gardening is beneficial to those

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home improvement

Home Maintenance: The Biggest Mistakes You Could Be Making

As homeowners, it’s our duty to make sure our homes don’t just look good but also function at their best. This is where home maintenance comes in. This involves different things such as inspecting for cracks in the walls or leaks on the roof, repainting the space, minor furniture repairs, the works. Home maintenance can

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The Whys and Hows of Spring Cleaning

Red lanterns dot the streets as the world celebrates Chinese New Year. The Chinese have indeed diversified our ways to celebrate new beginnings. Well, for most of us, the celebration still mainly involves red wine, swearing on resolutions we can’t keep, and watching a huge ball drop in Times Square. But on Chinese New Year’s

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