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Botox: Is This Beneficial for Men?

Even men worry about unsightly wrinkles on their faces. They might want to get Botox injections but hesitate about consulting a dermatologist. It’s only natural, though, for men to be concerned about their appearances as much as women do. There is a growing trend of men who undergo cosmetic treatments like Botox injections. Statistics from

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Cherries on the Skin: Should You Be Worried About Red Moles?

You’ve probably had several moles or “beauty marks,” on your body. But have you started to notice a lot of red mole-like growths on your skin that were not there before? Do these worry you? These red moles, better known as cherry angiomas, are common among adults and can develop in many areas of your

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Effectively Addressing Back Pain and its Sources Through Noninvasive Therapies

Treating back pain through noninvasive methods has several advantages over invasive and pharmaceutical-based interventions for all but the most severe forms of chronic lumbar pain. Besides addressing part of the problem, these interventions offer lasting relief without the side-effects. In the case of treating back pain and managing its symptoms, professionals prefer trying out all

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A “Cool Way” to Lose Weight

There are several invasive and non-invasive treatments that promise fat reduction results in a fast and easy way. Sadly, not every one of them can deliver the results that you want. That is why it is hard to tell which options are true to their word and which are after your money. One of the

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Teeth cleaning

Do You Have Lingering Stains on Your Teeth?

Whilst having yellow teeth does not hurt, it is commonly associated with advancing age and unhealthy appearance. Apart from the fact that smile is the first thing that people notice about you, many are also quick to make a judgment of your personality based on the appearance of your teeth. Having a yellow smile may

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Double Cleansing to Achieve that Glowing Skin

There was a time when many people believe that all it takes to cleanse our skin, especially our faces, is a bar of soap and some water before we finally go to bed. But the introduction of the double cleansing trend has changed our bedtime routines forever. We all finally realized that the long-trusted soap-and-water

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How to Care for Yourself Even If You Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Contrary to popular belief, people are capable of thriving for many years, even when they have Alzheimer’s dementia. This is especially true if you take certain actions to make your daily life as comfortable and as easy as possible. With help from your caregiver and family members, you can find purpose and comfort in your

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How a Good Massage Can Contribute to Wellness

Our bodies can take a toll from lifting and moving around every day. No wonder a lot of people look forward to relaxing massages by going to posh health clubs and spas. However, you don’t need to visit these establishments just to experience a relaxing body massage. For one, you can order massage chairs online

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Sad woman with eating disorder

Busting Myths About Eating Disorders

There are now more victims of eating disorders than ever before. Many of those who suffer are younger than the patients in the past. There are many factors for this, and one of them could be the harsh environment of social media where strangers can be very critical. The media and even well-meaning relatives can

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5 Approaches to Psychotherapy for Mental Health Conditions in Adolescence

Adolescence is a period marred by turmoil and uncertainty. With their high self-expectations, teens harbor doubts, fears, and pressures, which result in psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression. In fact, the cases of adolescent suicide dramatically escalate every year, making suicide the third-leading cause of death among people aged 15 to 24. Nonetheless, mental

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