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The real value of smiling

Dentists point to a new trend that’s influencing the interests of adults in wearing braces Windsor to improve the look of their teeth. The ‘Zoom effect’ was coined thanks to the rising use of close-up video conferencing for work and business communication. The latest figures show that 84 per cent of dental practitioners have noticed

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woman getting veneers

Teeth laminates; a good cosmetic solution

Veneers Wagga is a quick and useful way of covering imperfections and improving a smile. A patient may have stained, chipped or worn down teeth and wants to improve their appearance. Some people have gaps in their teeth or have unusually small teeth, this is another area where laminates can be very helpful in improving

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Fighting Off The Blues: Helping Teens With Depression

Depression is not only limited to adults and seniors. Even teens suffer from it as they face the various challenges that life brings. Trying hard to fit in with their peers and facing the prospect of adulthood, the pressure can be too much for many of them. Parents should lend them a helping hand and

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Why should we take our oral health seriously?

The fact that three-quarters of British adults do not have half their full set of permanent natural teeth – in fact, six per cent do not have any of their natural teeth still standing – gives one a good glimpse into the state of our oral health. Only a mere 10 per cent are found

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suburb landscape

Post-Pandemic World: What Australians Want in a Home

The COVID-19 pandemic upended every aspect of life. While, for most of 2020, Australia escaped the wrath of SARS-CoV-2, the nation still went through several strict lockdowns — one of the most restrictive in the world. Although the lockdowns were short, they had an influence on people’s activities and preferences. At home is where a

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man using a laptop

How digital advertising has redefined advertising expectation

Digital advertising has opened up a magical world of opportunities with which dental practitioners can gain the attention of the healthcare consumer and where the rewards are plentiful as well as far-reaching. Unlike many traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing (websites and social media accounts) are not limited by time constraints – digital advertising works

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child birth

Pregnancy and Childbirth Ages a Woman’s Body: Here’s How

All women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth have noticed their appearance change. Aside from the obvious bulging of the stomach, throughout the pregnancy, expecting mothers will see weight gain, bigger breasts, stretch marks, larger noses, and so on. Many will also start to notice signs of premature aging. Many women start to see

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Woman getting a laser hair removal on her legs

Electrolysis vs. Laser: Which is the Better Hair Removal for You?

When it comes to hair removal, tweezing, waxing and shaving often feel like a pointless battle. Think about it: you remove the hair today; a few days later (if not, tomorrow), all the hair grows back. So you end up tweezing, waxing and shaving all over again. If you’re sick of the repetitive process, you

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