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4 Qualities a Chef Must Practice

When aspiring to become a chef, your passion for food is present at all times. A culinary school will put you through a lot of obstacles and give you the much-needed experience to control a restaurant’s kitchen. You will find that your investments and efforts will be helpful in your quest to become a chef.

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4 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy as You Age

It’s essential to stay healthy and take care of your body, whether you’re in your twenties or your mid-eighties. But as you get older, simple conditions that you could’ve slept off in your younger years become more dangerous. Something as trivial as the flu or the common cold can progress into something worse like pneumonia

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Back pain

Occupational Back Pain: How Can You Deal With It?

There are many reasons that we experience back pain while at work. Some of us can experience back pain after sitting hours at a time behind a desk. Repetitive movements and even heavy lifting are other common reasons for an achy back. If it is a common symptom that you often have to deal with,

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How to Avoid Common Workplace Injuries

Accidents can happen in any type of work environment, whether it’s a corporate office or a construction site. The severity of the injuries that result from these accidents can be controlled. With the appropriate safety precautions in place, injuries can be kept at a minimum. But to prepare for these accidents, you need to be

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How a Negative Body Image Affects Mental Health

Understanding body image, its causes, and its effect allows us to understand behaviors that are often associated with our self-esteem and body image. Sometimes, cases of mental health problems are results of negative body image such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa. We may not be discussing the most effective treatment options for bulimia nervosa, but

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Rekindling the Soul: Bringing Back Life Into Your Daily Routine

During your younger days, there used to be more time for leisure, even if you’re attending school. Then you reached adulthood and found it’s a different world out there. Work is now keeping you busy, and if you already have a family, then you have more reason to become tied down. These tons of responsibilities

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Conquering Phobias

Steps in Conquering Phobias When They Take Over You

Fear. It is a natural feeling that most of us have. It can help us stay away from danger and survive for longer. But when there’s seemingly no reason behind your fear of certain situations, objects, places, or creatures, then it would be called a phobia. They don’t make any sense for the most part,

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old woman covering her ears

How to Prevent Snoring from Hurting Your Marriage

Nearly half of American adults snore in their sleep regularly. While may women snore, men aged 50- 59, are the most likely to snore with the highest volume. If you’re one of them, you might be causing a nuisance and frustration to your bed-partner. Your wife can lose sleep because of your loud snoring and

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