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Do baby teeth matter?

Of course, baby teeth matter! All teeth matter, right? But with tooth decay becoming an increasing cause of hospital admission, many primary school children don’t seem to act as if they need to care about their baby teeth. Why? There are cultural differences here; in most of Europe and America, children’s dentistry is considered very

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Your Ears are Self-Cleaning: Should You Use Ear Wax Removal Tools?

Your ears can clean themselves, but not in the way you think. Cerumen, commonly known as earwax, is the waxy secretion produced by your ear, which helps your ear clean itself. In most cases, earwax is harmless; there’s no immediate need to remove it. However, some people are prone to impacted earwax or earwax buildup,

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It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Start Taking Collagen Supplements

Taking collagen supplements isn’t just about for the sake of appearance and beauty. It’s also about staying healthy and avoiding the difficulties of aging, such as weak bones, joints, and muscles. You don’t want to take a DEXA scan service one day and result in poor bone strength. Supplementing collagen has a host of benefits

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The Whole House Humidifier: Everything You Need to Know

Ever since COVID-19 became part of the new normal, there is no such thing as a sole flu season anymore. Every season is flu season — and it hits harder than usual. On top of that, the changing weather isn’t helping. The drastic changes during the winter and summer season can affect humidity control in

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Do I need intervention with my smile?

A smile can be something that a person can feel uncomfortable with. A smile is often a person’s most redeeming feature so when it looks just slightly less than perfect people can become unhappy with their appearance. Everyone is constantly bombarded with images of the ‘perfect smile’,  for this reason people may want to look

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The Pros and Cons of Switching to Menstrual Cups

For many women, menstrual periods are the worst days of the month. The heavy days a notably harder to deal with because of period cramps and muscle pain. Most women prefer to use tampons or maxi pads. While both items are essentially helpful, a new product has started to invade the market- menstrual cups. Menstrual

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The real value of smiling

Dentists point to a new trend that’s influencing the interests of adults in wearing braces Windsor to improve the look of their teeth. The ‘Zoom effect’ was coined thanks to the rising use of close-up video conferencing for work and business communication. The latest figures show that 84 per cent of dental practitioners have noticed

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Teeth laminates; a good cosmetic solution

Veneers Wagga is a quick and useful way of covering imperfections and improving a smile. A patient may have stained, chipped or worn down teeth and wants to improve their appearance. Some people have gaps in their teeth or have unusually small teeth, this is another area where laminates can be very helpful in improving

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Fighting Off The Blues: Helping Teens With Depression

Depression is not only limited to adults and seniors. Even teens suffer from it as they face the various challenges that life brings. Trying hard to fit in with their peers and facing the prospect of adulthood, the pressure can be too much for many of them. Parents should lend them a helping hand and

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