students raising their hands as they stand outside their school

Think Outside the Box: 3 Ways Outdoor Learning Makes Your Students Smarter

There is a lot to be learned outside the classroom, and taking your class outdoors has tremendous cognitive benefits for the students. Aside from giving them a fresh, new environment, which curbs boredom, here are the other ways outdoor learning makes your pupils smarter: It relaxes them and makes lessons more relevant Research suggests that

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a woman taking notes

Creative Rut: How to Help Your Student Bust Out of Writer’s Block

Nothing’s more frustrating than writer’s block. For students, though, the struggle could be so discouraging to the point of having a self-defeating attitude. What happens often is they never revisit the story they started and give up on writing altogether. This is a depressing experience for any writer, but you can do something to turn

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Driving the truck along the highway

Driving Trucks: Challenges, Rewards, and Requirements

People over the age of 50 may elect to take the truck driver route as a second career. Some retired airline captains, for instance, choose to become truckers before retirement. Driving a truck across the state or the country can appeal to people who have a strong desire to travel and explore more of the

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