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House Chores for the Kids: Age-Appropriate Responsibilities

Family life has become more complicated than they were before. Kids these days tend to whine and complain about house chores like folding the laundry or doing the dishes. But these tasks are not meant to make their lives hard. It is one way for parents to teach them responsibilities and life skills that they

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graduation essentials

How to Study Well When You Have a Baby

Let’s start by saying that taking care of a baby while finishing your studies is challenging. Sometimes, things will be overwhelming and you feel that you want to quit. But does this mean you should put your study plans on the back burner for now? Not necessarily. If you want to finish your studies as

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Raising the bar

Excellent Habits to Improve Everyday Life

In the present world, some think that the quality of life is synonymous with material gain. They push themselves to their limits to prove that they have what it takes. The secret lies not in what you buy but what you do every day. Be Mindful of What You Put Inside You Healthy habits never

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Work-from-Home Challenges for Moms and How to Overcome Them

The work-from-home setup has been around for a while now, but the pandemic has paved its way to normalcy. Almost everyone who used to work in the office doesn’t have to leave their houses anymore. For working moms, this seems like a blessing. But fulfilling daily job requirements while caring for kids proved difficult. It

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teaching kids

Keeping Kids Occupied While Working from Home

As the pandemic continues, one of the biggest challenges is the reopening of schools. There are concerns that letting kids return to school would lean to an increase in cases. On the other hand, it’s impractical to wait for a vaccine to resume classes. It’s not guaranteed that a vaccine will be developed and eradicate

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college student

The No-sweat Guide to Acing Your College Interviews

Can you still remember the very first time you were on stage for a random school performance? Your nerves were all frayed. Your stomach was cramping. It feels like you were going to vomit anytime soon. That never goes away. Even though you’re more confident and assured now, the prospect of facing the unknown still

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Classroom Layout: How to Optimise Seating Arrangements

Your school desk arrangement is just as valuable to your students’ learning experience as your teaching style and syllabus. An effective and harmonious classroom layout can help you optimise your learning space for efficiency. There are several factors that play a role in effective seating layouts. It’s important to know exactly what your goals are so you can base

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What You Need to Know About Surviving College Life

For some people, college is the last hurdle in the race that they need to jump over before finally stepping into the real world. While for others, college is just another stepping stone to be another path that they have to take in life. Regardless of where you belong to, we’re sure you’re just frantically

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How Urbanisation Affects Children’s Development and Behavior

Urbanisation has brought us many things—high-rise buildings, 24/7 food and laundry delivery, fast Internet speed, and all the food and activities that we can fill our days with. If you live in the city, there’s no way you’ll be bored. There’s something always going on around you. There’s a bar opening in the corner. A

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high school students taking notes in class

Transition to High School: Helping Your Kid Make the Move

There will come a time when your child will need to go to middle school. It is a big milestone for them and for you, but as a parent, you cannot help but feel stressed and overwhelmed. Somehow, you feel scared for them. You may have this impression that they are not yet ready for

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