mom and child

Moms Need Time for Themselves, Too

Let’s get this straight: It is perfectly okay to make yourself a priority , especially if you’re a new mom. Stop the notion that your life should stop and revolve around your child when you’re a mom. Your life and sanity are equally as precious as the lives of your child and your partner. Still

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workers in a manufacturing facility

It’s 2020! Here’s What Manufacturers Have to Overcome

It’s almost time to ring in the new year. For any business, it’s an opportunity to reset and refresh. It’s a chance to develop better strategies for growth. Before your business fully embraces 2020, it’s best to close 2019 by understanding the manufacturing challenges that lie ahead: 1. Labor Shortage Manufacturing businesses might have to

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Private school girl in class

Wellness Design: Promoting a Healthy Campus

In classrooms all over the world, students spend countless hours sitting at desks and tables having lessons and listening to the teachers. The lack of movement in class was not a huge concern in previous years when children would compensate by being much more active after school. Now, as children spend more time in front

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eco-friendly place

Eco-mmunication: How to Effectively Communicate Your Company’s Sustainable Methods

More people are demanding that businesses make a sustainable switch. Consumers around the world and across all age groups find it extremely important that companies create programs that improve the environment, according to Nielsen’s 2017 Global Consumer Confidence Survey. It’s one thing to apply sustainable methods to your business, but it’s an entirely different thing

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man clenching his heart

Heart Disease: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment

Did you know that coronary heart disease is the leading cause of permanent injury and death worldwide? Statistics show that one out of four deaths in the United States can be attributed to heart disease. This is equivalent to more than 600,000 individuals in a single year in the U.S. alone. According to the American

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Auto insurance policy form with car key on top

Making Car Insurance Rates Affordable

Studies on auto accidents and fatalities reveal that every 51 minutes, there’s a fatality resulting from a drunk driver’s impaired driving. Non-fatal injuries resulting from a non-intoxicated driver happen more often than that. This is why insurance is necessary, whether you’re the person behind the wheel or not. But you can save on insurance payments

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Man checking the engine of a car

Thrive In The Lucrative Car Repair Market

For a decided edge in the car repair scene, snag one of those affordable Baileigh bead rollers for sale within your locality. These handy machines let you tackle any fabricating project with the touch of a master. Not only would increase the range of services you offer, can ensure that item is custom made and flawless.

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School hallway locker rooms

Active Shootings Highlight the Need for Focused Training

It was December 14, 2012. Seven-year-old Daniel Barden spent the first hours of the day snuggled with his father, Mark. On the way to the bus stop, he asked if he could hold the dad’s hands. In another street, 6-year-old Jessica Rekos boarded the bus with a wide grin and a happy gait. After all,

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