woman with braces on her teeth

What braces can I get in St John’s Wood?

If your teeth are crooked and you are not happy with how they look, then braces in St John’s Wood could be a great option for you. They move your natural teeth to put them into the best position possible for a straighter smile. We offer a few different types of braces here at Aura

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baby sleeping on its father's shoulder

Baby Comes Home! Changes You Need to Do and Quickly Notice

Without a doubt, the day the baby arrives at your home is the day that life becomes more exciting and livelier. Now and then, you can watch the little human coo and sleep peacefully, without any care in the world. Their presence gets everyone’s protective instincts running, and their growth each day is surely inspiring

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natural lake

Fun Times with the Family at the Lake

Thousands of residents and visitors spend wonderful times at Lake Michigan. The vast lake is great for water sports and serves as a great venue for entertaining friends and family. Ride the Waves Take your kids and their friends out for some tubing, and they’ll be the most popular kids at the school. With a

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relaxing at home's outdoor living space

Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Space

Imagine going out of your house to see overgrown weeds, dried leaves, and dead plants all over the yard. That would not be something you would like to face first thing in the morning, right? Who would want to walk into an unruly yard before they start their nine to five? No one. So, the best course

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Seven Tips to Manage Seasonal Allergies at Home

Although your home is your haven, sometimes, some unwanted visitors can sneak inside, and one of the most problematic issues is allergens. Allergies affect over 20% of Americans, and it can make your house uncomfortable and affect your overall health drastically. Medications can help relieve these symptoms, but only temporarily. The best way you can

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Fitness Hobbies: More Than Exercise

Traditional workouts are great for some people, but not everyone has the mindset to pump iron in a gym. For them, they want something more than fitness. Others may want an activity that helps them stay fit without the high stress on the muscles. Fortunately, there are several activities out there that can keep you

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rustic interior

10 Design Ideas to Add Some Rustic Charm into Your Home

A home with a “rustic” style describes a design that’s natural, casual, aged, and rough. You won’t find flashy, gimmicky, and modern furnishings inside this house. What’s more, the color palette for the items in the interior is predictably natural. You can expect the earthy tones in living spaces, such as browns, greens, and grays.

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Elderly care

Preparing Your Family to Welcome the Elderly

Your house can be a war zone at times. In the morning, you are rushing to get things done so you can leave for work. Or if you are working from home, as many others are, you still have to prepare for everything before you sit down and prohibit anyone from bothering you. When your

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