hospice taking care of old man

Signs that an Aging Parent Needs Hospice Care

No matter how much time or effort you put into taking care of your aging parent, it may not be enough. At some point, a lot of seniors need professional care as their health deteriorates—and unless you can dedicate your entire time to taking care of them and are a healthcare professional, you may need

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These Skills are Important in Raising Children

Soft Skills: Why These Skills are Important in Raising Children

Featured Image from: Stemjar Teenagers can be the worst, sometimes: moody, irritable, introverted, mumbling all the time, even rude. But aside from being in a physically and emotionally tumultuous time in their life, there’s also a big chance that they weren’t able to practice their soft skills as children. Learning and honing soft skills are

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voodoo dolls

The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Voodoo Dolls

When it comes to co-existing with your romantic partner, the occasional spat is going to be inevitable. In a post-woke world where gender isn’t supposed to define who we are as people, there really is no two ways about it: men and women –and the people who identify as either, or neither –are built differently.

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couple buying home

Selling Your House and Buying a New One during the Pandemic

There are two types of people who think of selling their house and buying a new one in 2021. One type would be those who were already on the cusp of the decision when the pandemic happened. The other type would be those who started contemplating the idea because of the pandemic. The second type

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tent on a deck

Build a DIY Campsite at Home!

These long months of lockdown protocols and distance learning may have your kids hungry to be outdoors once again. The breeze, the trees, and the adventure are hard not to miss, after all! While we wait for the time when camping trips are safer and easier to organize, there are several ways to bring the campsite to

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woman with braces on her teeth

What braces can I get in St John’s Wood?

If your teeth are crooked and you are not happy with how they look, then braces in St John’s Wood could be a great option for you. They move your natural teeth to put them into the best position possible for a straighter smile. We offer a few different types of braces here at Aura

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baby sleeping on its father's shoulder

Baby Comes Home! Changes You Need to Do and Quickly Notice

Without a doubt, the day the baby arrives at your home is the day that life becomes more exciting and livelier. Now and then, you can watch the little human coo and sleep peacefully, without any care in the world. Their presence gets everyone’s protective instincts running, and their growth each day is surely inspiring

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